Street Address
3545 South Park Drive
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 11480
Jackson, Wyoming 83002
Office (307) 739 8990
Facsimile (307) 739-8992

We are a team of dedicated professionals who have honed our skills managing a wide variety of companies and projects for a local entrepreneur. We’re now offering our services to the greater Jackson Hole area and looking for local businesses, home owners, and others who would benefit from our experience.

Our Company History:

Andrew, Meagan, and Margaret first met in 1999 as colleagues at a biotech development firm. Over the years our focus has broadened to new business ventures in industries beyond science. We have gained experience in online retail, real estate development, conference planning, television and film production and distribution, property management, and the accompanying financial requirements of these businesses.

After 16 years of diverse problem solving as a team, we’re ready to offer our services to assist you.

Our Team:

Andrew Firmin
Andrew moved to Wyoming in 1996 for the abundant outdoor activities and was surprised to find a lab position utilizing his biochemistry degree. His business education began when he co-founded a biotechnology startup in 1998. Within the next few years, a large international life sciences corporation acquired his company and he was tasked with managing R&D and operations for the Jackson facility. Another corporate change in 2007 lead to Andrew heading a new venture focused on developing human diagnostics technology. Since then, he has been integral in starting and running a wide variety of companies in a diverse range of industries including film and TV production, real estate development, property management, and online sales and marketing. Andrew continues his work in science, although it now involves managing and licensing intellectual property rather than developing it in the lab. When not at the office, Andrew likes to partake in numerous outdoor adventure activities including skiing, snowmobiling, kite surfing, and dirt biking.

Meagan Piker
Practically from the day she moved to Jackson in the fall of 1996, Meagan knew it was the place she wanted to call home. In 1999 she found a job working in a biotech lab and was certain she had found home. At the lab Meagan helped design experiments and managed various research projects. Over the years she has synthesized DNA, validated research assays, and everything in between. Meagan has handled most aspects of patent management from helping write patents to overseeing their prosecution with the US Patent and Trademark Office. More recently, Meagan’s roles have included website design & management, conference organization, customer service, social media management, and marketing. When she isn't working, Meagan’s passions include skiing, running, and biking in the spectacular Jackson outdoors.

Margaret Gordon
When faced with having to leave Wyoming to follow her career in biotech, Margaret chose to maintain her quality of life and stay in Jackson. Some terrific mentors showed her the ways of bookkeeping, and she was soon learning all sorts of new skills required to administer a variety of small businesses.
Margaret’s experience includes online help desk initialization, board memberships with local HOAs, sales tax reporting, film production accounting, and managing a variety of payrolls. Margaret enjoys her time away from the office discovering the world with her kids, mountain biking, and playing broomball when the ice holds.